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Sarah Meredith

Sarah Meredith is perhaps the most reliable Medical Intuitive of our time. Renowned for her accuracy, she has gathered an impressive thirty year record of cures using her intuitive abilities.

Affordable ($20.00) Medical Intuitive Consultation

Sarah offers an affordable consultation to those seeking answers from a Medical Intuitive. She uses this consultation to explain The Key and Healing. Plus, to determine whether she, as a Medical Intuitive, can give you the information, solution and/or direction you need.

"After the pain in my head
ceased, I was scared!

What happened to me is typical of a Medical Intuitive. My name is Sarah Meredith and this is my story. Thirty some years ago, I was on my way to work when I stopped for a red light in the left hand turn lane. I glanced up just as the car behind struck my Toyota pickup. The police said the teenager was going approximately 50 m.p.h. at impact. For whatever reason, he didn’t see me and thought he could beat the light.

My head snapped back and hit the rear window, then forward to hit the windshield. The truck went up in the air, came down and was struck again. My head slammed into the side window.

A few days later, after the pain in my head eased, I was really scared! I could actually “see” things I hadn’t seen before. I knew things a normal, working mother of two couldn’t know. Having had no exposure with intuitives or people who healed with their mind, I didn’t understand what had happened.

During my convalescence I stayed with my parents so that my father, who was a chiropractor, could give me care. Not only did he successfully treat me, he also taught me about what had happened. He gave me books about Edgar Cayce and Peter Hukos.

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a mystic, who at age 24 during a hypnotic trance to heal his voice, was discovered to possess the ability to answer questions on various subjects including healing. Peter Hukos (1911-1988) manifested extrasensory perception (ESP) after recovering from a head injury caused by a fall from a ladder at 30 years of age.

These two men appeared to have abilities similar to mine. Cayce seemed to be born with his ability, while Hukos’ ability surfaced after he had a severe blow to his head. Comparing their experiences with mine, I realized that I wasn’t crazy or possessed. I really was actually “seeing” inside bodies, I was hearing truthful information and it didn’t matter whether I was in the same room or in another country.

"Unknowingly, overnight, I had
become a Medical Intuitive"

My practice began in my father’s office. I’d place my hand on a patient’s file and “know” their history, present condition and what they needed to do to gain recovery.

I had been helping people heal themselves for over twenty years by the time author Caroline Myss, Ph.D. coined the term “Medical Intuitive” to describe my abilities.

So, How Can My Abilities Benefit You?

Whether it’s a physical issue, an emotional concern, a dilemma at work and/or a problem in a relationship, when I think about it, I ‘see’ inside the situation. Then I’ll see what happened to have caused it.

As I continue to focus and silently ask, “What else?” I start to get impressions similar to hearing a radio commentator or watching a movie. Silently asking questions about recovery causes the movie to move forward. I begin to see or hear what needs to be done in order for a person to recover.

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Disclaimer: Neither Sarah Meredith nor Jessica Meredith is any kind of doctor. Neither diagnose disease. They claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Neither holds a special license in any field. Both offer their services based solely on their skill and personal experience. Using their services does not replace or substitute for available medical services or alternative health care.

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